Guilds offer many benefits including sharing ideas, opportunities for groups, access to skilled masters and their help; quest help especially in group quests; and readily available resources and plans. You may discover that a guild greatly enhances your experience in RALfie's CoLLAB. You can meet friends, share adventures, and find people to help you as a maker or quester. Typically, Collaborators in good guilds can get help and do things that players in poor guilds or no guild can't. 
Keep in mind that most guilds are run by players and not RALfie's CoLLAB. The quality of the guild and the guild experience depends entirely on the Collaborators in that guild. Guilds can be a grab bag where you never know what you'll get. Every guild is different.

All Collaborators Guild 

(Everyone in RALfie's CoLLAB is automatically a member of this guild)

Makers Guild

Makers join the Makers Guild to find friends, get help and share projects.

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Other guilds:

Mum & Dads Guild

Educators Guild

Researchers Guild