Unleash YOUR superpower!

Every animal has at least one superpower that they unleash to survive.  

In the Animal Kingdom, we are born with secret knowledge about the universe.

 It is shared between all of the animals, from the smallest to the biggest - each of us carries some small part of the knowledge so that if any of us disappears forever, not everything is lost. 

We use these superpowers in awesome ways to find food, make our homes, and live in harmony with one another. 

Humans have been on a quest to find our secret knowledge for centuries.

YOU have a SuperPower but it may be hiding deep within you just waiting to be unleashed. 

Join RALfie's CoLLAB and let us help you find YOUR SuperPower and use it in amazing ways.  

How to unleash YOUR SuperPowers

Maker Shed


What is RALfie's CoLLAB?

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REV2015 25 February 2015 Demonstration 
EXP AT conference 2 June 2015 Demonstration 
ASEE conference in Seattle 14 June 2015 RALfie demo 
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